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Whirlpool Galaxy M51 Deepsky in Spring
--Scenic spots in spring sky
251 images displayed, Last updated on Dec 4, 2020

We can appreciate no flows of the Milky Way in spring skies. And few celestial objects are scattered suitable for compact binoculars.
  But there are uncountable far and far galaxies beyond our home Galaxy because spring skies include no inner-galactic gaseous matter obstructing dimmed galaxies. Although it might be needed telescopes to enjoy seeing them, a season of spring is most suitable for observing various figures of galaxy's individualities.

I've added "SPLENDID !" marks in especially magnificent objects. Check those without forgetting !
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     .....Objects with this mark include pages of spectral profiles taken with a spectrometer.

Galaxies in Spring Part 1 (Northern Area)
To Preview of Galaxies(Part 1)
  Almost all of scenic spots in spring skies are outer galaxies. So I've listed them by grouping into two sections of northern and southern areas.
  Many galaxies scattered in northern skies are floating about 10 to 20 millions light years away, comparatively close to us. It's one of characteristics that you can enjoy them only with small-sized telescopes. Some of them have unique shapes and various nicknames like Pinwheel Nebula (M101) and Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) around the Big Dipper, Black-eye Galaxy (M64) in Coma Berenices, and so on.

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M51(Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 112+13KB
M63(Sunflower Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 92KB
M64(Black-eye Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 68KB
M81, M82(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 739KB
M94(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 82KB
M101(Pinwheel Nebula in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 424+107KB (Consists of 2 images)
NGC5866(M102, Galaxy in Draco), f=1600mm, 50KB
Around M106 & NGC4217(Galaxies in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 1043KB
M108(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 90KB (Consists of 2 images)
M109(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 67KB
NGC2336, IC467(Galaxies in Camelopardalis), f=1278mm, 73KB
NGC2366(Galaxy in Camelopardalis), f=1600mm, 174KB Replaced on Nov 29, 2020
NGC2403(Galaxy in Camelopardalis), f=1600mm, 589KB
NGC2444, NGC2445(Arp 143, Galaxies in Lynx), f=1600mm, 66KB
NGC2537, IC2233(Galaxies in Lynx), f=1600mm, 72KB
NGC2541(Galaxy in Lynx), f=1600mm, 103KB
NGC2683(Galaxy in Lynx), f=1600mm, 212KB
NGC2685(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 98KB
NGC2742, NGC2768(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=742mm, 59KB
NGC2782(Arp 215, Galaxy in Lynx), f=1600mm, 126KB
NGC2787(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 46KB
Around NGC2805(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 162KB Replaced on Nov 29, 2020
NGC2841(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 64KB
Around NGC2857(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 42KB
NGC2859(Galaxy in Leo Minor), f=1600mm, 139KB
NGC3003(Galaxy in Leo Minor), f=1600mm, 68KB
NGC3079(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 88KB
NGC3184(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 94KB
NGC3198(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 87KB
NGC3310(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 55KB
NGC3319(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=2500mm, 51KB
NGC3344(Galaxy in Leo Minor), f=2500mm, 309KB
NGC3359(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 121KB
NGC3432(Galaxy in Leo Minor), f=1600mm, 66KB
Arp205(NGC3448, Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1760mm, 67KB
NGC3486(Galaxy in Leo Minor), f=2500mm, 40KB
Around NGC3619(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 115KB
NGC3631(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 79KB
NGC3642(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 66KB
NGC3675(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=2500mm, 87KB
Arp299(NGC3690 & IC694, Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1760mm, 62KB
NGC3718, NGC3729 & HCG56(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 119KB
NGC3726(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 59KB
Around NGC3733, NGC3756, Abell 1318(Galaxies & Galaxy Cluster in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 191KB
Around NGC3898, Abell 1377(Galaxies & Galaxy Cluster in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 107KB
NGC3938(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 67KB
NGC3945(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 79KB
NGC3953(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 119KB
Around NGC3972(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 115KB
NGC4005 Group(Galaxy Group in Leo), f=1600mm, 82KB
NGC4036, NGC4041(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=2500mm, 46KB
NGC4051(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 103KB
NGC4088(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 112KB
NGC4111(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 89KB
NGC4125(Galaxy in Draco), f=1600mm, 43KB
NGC4157(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 66KB
Around HCG61, Abell 1495(Compact Group & Galaxy Cluster in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 125KB
NGC4214(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 98KB
NGC4236(Galaxy in Draco), f=1600mm, 97KB
NGC4244(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 64KB
Around NGC4274(Galaxies in Coma Berenices), f=1000mm, 71KB
NGC4298, NGC4302(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 99KB
NGC4393(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 177KB
NGC4395(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 130KB
NGC4449(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 74KB
NGC4490(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 91KB
NGC4494(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 114KB
NGC4559(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 87KB
NGC4565(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 85KB
NGC4631, NGC4656(Galaxies in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 494KB
NGC4725(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 78KB
NGC4747(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 143KB
NGC5005(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 59KB
NGC5033(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 70KB
NGC5204(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 144KB
Around NGC5216, NGC5218(Arp104, Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 93KB
NGC5322(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 121KB
NGC5371 & HCG68(Galaxy & Compact Group in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 464KB
Around NGC5389(Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 113KB
NGC5394, NGC5395(Galaxies in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 105KB
NGC5474(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=2500mm, 151KB
NGC5529(Galaxy in Bootes), f=1800mm, 55KB
NGC5585(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 71KB
NGC5905, NGC5908(Galaxies in Draco), f=1600mm, 137KB
NGC5907(Galaxy in Draco), f=1600mm, 46KB
Around NGC5982(Galaxies in Draco), f=1600mm, 48KB
NGC6015(Galaxy in Draco), f=1760mm, 60KB
IC983(Galaxy in Bootes), f=1600mm, 123KB
IC2574(Galaxy in Ursa Major), f=1790mm, 83KB
IC4182(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=2500mm, 67KB
UGC7698(Galaxy in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 122KB
Superthin Galaxy(UGC9242 in Bootes), f=1600mm, 109KB
Ursa Minor Dwarf(UGC9749), f=530mm, 711KB
Abell 569(Galaxy Cluster in Lynx), f=1600mm, 137KB
Abell 727 & UGC4704(Galaxy Cluster & Galaxy in Lynx), f=1600mm, 129KB
Abell 779(Galaxy Cluster in Lynx), f=1600mm, 157KB
Abell 1185(Galaxy Cluster in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 129KB
Around Abell 1616(Galaxy Cluster & Galaxies in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 197KB
Coma Cluster, f=1000mm, 67KB
Abell 1795(Galaxy Cluster in Bootes), f=1600mm, 104KB

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Galaxies in Spring Part 2 (Southern Area)
To Preview of Galaxies(Part 2)
  This section shows you galaxies distributed in the southern skies in spring. The Virgo Cluster, that extends over Virgo and Coma Berenices and contains some thousands of galaxies, is the closest galactic cluster to us. And you can enjoy some other bright galaxies of M65 & M66 in Leo on the west side of Virgo Cluster, the Sombrero Galaxy (M104) in southern part of Virgo, and so on.
To Sky map in Spring

↑ Galaxies Part 1   Galaxies Part 2 ↓ Inner-Galactic Objects

M49(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 93KB
M58(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 461KB
M59 & M60(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 85KB
M61(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 68KB
M65,M66,NGC3628(Galaxies in Leo), f=530mm, 120+18KB (Consists of 3 images)
M83(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1600mm, 98KB
M84 & M86(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 74KB
M85(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 65KB
M87(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 89KB
M88(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 75KB
M89(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 78KB
M90(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 77KB
NGC4548(M91, Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 86KB
Around M95, M96 & M105(Galaxies in Leo), f=1600mm, 85+41KB
M98(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 141KB
M99(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 69KB
M100(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 57KB
M104(Sombrero Nebula in Virgo), f=1600mm, 74+13KB
NGC2613(Galaxy in Pyxis), f=1600mm, 97KB
NGC2775(Galaxy in Cancer), f=1600mm, 54KB
NGC2784(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1760mm, 54KB
NGC2835(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1760mm, 46KB
NGC2872, NGC2874(Galaxies in Leo), f=1600mm, 62KB
NGC2903(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 88KB
Around NGC2911(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 149KB Replaced on Nov 29, 2020
NGC2964 & NGC2968(Galaxies in Leo), f=1600mm, 69KB
NGC2992, NGC2993(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1600mm, 84KB
NGC2997(Galaxy in Antlia), f=1760mm, 70KB
NGC3044(Galaxy in Sextans), f=1600mm, 65KB
NGC3068(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 107KB
NGC3109(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1760mm, 65KB
NGC3115(Spindle Galaxy in Sextans), f=1600mm, 52KB
NGC3166, NGC3169(Galaxies in Sextans), f=1600mm, 77KB
Around NGC3190(Galaxies in Leo), f=1600mm, 112KB
NGC3200(Galaxies in Hydra), f=1790mm, 61KB
NGC3226, NGC3227(Galaxies in Leo), f=1600mm, 79KB
NGC3239(Galaxy in Leo), f=1760mm, 62KB
NGC3254(Galaxy in Leo Minor), f=1760mm, 59KB
Antlia Cluster, f=1000mm, 73KB
Hydra I Cluster, f=530mm, 729KB
NGC3338(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 47KB
NGC3377(Galaxy in Leo), f=2500mm, 75KB
NGC3395, NGC3396(Galaxies in Leo Minor), f=1600mm, 64KB
NGC3511, NGC3513(Galaxies in Crater), f=1600mm, 67KB
NGC3521(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 131KB
NGC3585(Galaxies in Hydra), f=1790mm, 47KB
NGC3596(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 68KB
NGC3607, NGC3608(Galaxis in Leo), f=1760mm, 61KB
NGC3621(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1600mm, 54KB
NGC3640(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 48KB
NGC3672(Galaxy in Crater), f=1600mm, 61KB
Around NGC3684(Galaxies in Leo), f=1600mm, 46KB
NGC3705(Galaxy in Leo), f=1600mm, 68KB
NGC3717(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1600mm, 73KB
Copeland's Septet(Galactic Group in Leo), f=1600mm, 102KB
NGC3923(Galaxies in Hydra), f=1790mm, 54KB
NGC3981(Galaxy in Crater), f=1600mm, 60KB
NGC4027(Galaxy in Corvus), f=1600mm, 54KB
NGC4030(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 63KB
NGC4038, NGC4039(The Antennae in Corvus), f=1600mm, 117KB
Around NGC4045, NGC4073(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 114KB
Around NGC4065(Galaxy group in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 72KB
NGC4123, NGC4116(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 194KB
NGC4216(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 574KB
NGC4340, NGC4350(Galaxies in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 138KB
NGC4365(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 81KB
NGC4429(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1760mm, 48KB
Around NGC4438(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 55KB
Around NGC4442(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 51KB
NGC4450(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 65KB
NGC4517(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 72KB
NGC4526(Galaxy in Virgo), f=2500mm, 105KB
NGC4527(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 73KB
NGC4535(Galaxy in Virgo), f=2500mm, 145KB
NGC4536(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 97KB
NGC4567, NGC4568(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 75KB
Around NGC4654(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 127KB
NGC4676(The Mice in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 121KB
NGC4697, NGC4699(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 52KB
NGC4710(Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 68KB
NGC4731(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1760mm, 54KB
NGC4753(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 55KB
NGC4754, NGC4762(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 122KB
NGC4818(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1790mm, 56KB
NGC4866(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1800mm, 66KB
NGC4939(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1760mm, 53KB
Around NGC4958(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1000mm, 51KB
NGC5018, NGC5022(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 54KB
NGC5044 Group(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 39KB
NGC5078, NGC5101(Galaxies in Hydra), f=1600mm, 51KB
NGC5084(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 54KB
NGC5102(Galaxy in Centaurus), f=1000mm, 70KB
NGC5128(Galaxy in Centaurus), f=1600mm, 117KB
NGC5170(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 64KB
Around NGC5221(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 56KB
NGC5247(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 72KB
NGC5248(Galaxy in Bootes), f=1600mm, 162KB
NGC5253(Galaxy in Centaurus), f=1600mm, 50KB
NGC5363, NGC5364(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 104KB
NGC5416 Group(Galaxy Group in Bootes), f=1600mm, 75KB
NGC5426, NGC5427(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 134KB
NGC5566(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 109KB
Around NGC5576(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 128KB
Around NGC5746(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1600mm, 92KB
Around NGC5846(Galaxies in Virgo), f=1600mm, 104KB
IC4351(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1760mm, 68KB
Abell 1367(Galaxy Cluster in Leo), f=1600mm, 109KB
Shapley8(Galaxy Cluster in Centaurus), f=1600mm, 54KB
HCG40(Compact Galaxy Group in Hydra), f=1600mm, 65KB
Arp 248(Galaxy in Virgo), f=1760mm, 38KB
UGCA205(Sextans A), f=1600mm, 72KB
ESO510-13(Galaxy in Hydra), f=1600mm, 46KB
Leo I(Galaxy in Leo), f=530mm, 55KB
Leo II(Galaxy in Leo), f=700mm, 603KB Replaced on Dec 4, 2020
QSO 3C273(Quasar in Virgo), f=1600mm, 66KB
The Virgo Cluster, f=300mm, 64KB
Markarian's chain(Galaxy group in Virgo), f=530mm, 285KB

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Inner-Galactic Objects in Spring
To Preview of Inner-Galactic Objects
  These pictures have been captured Nebulae and Star Clusters in our Galaxy. The spring skies hardly include inter-stellar gaseous matters because the field is far from the Milky Way, so you cannot at all appreciate diffused and/or dark nebulae.
  You can see some of planetary nebulae formed by dead stars, globular clusters distributed in the Halo region of the Galaxy, and some huge and near open clusters like the Praesepe (M44) in Cancer and Mel.111 in Coma Berenices.

To Sky map in Spring

↑ Galaxies Part 1 ↑ Galaxies Part 2   Inner-Galactic Objects

Molecular Cloud arouond Polaris, f=80mm, 758KB
Molecular Cloud around M81, M82, f=105mm, 865KB
M40(Double star in Ursa Major), f=1278mm, 66KB

Planetary Nebulae
M97(Owl Nebula in Ursa Major), f=1600mm, 508KB
NGC3132(Planetary Nebula in Vela), f=1600mm, 45KB
Jupiter Nebula(NGC3242 in Hydra), f=3500mm, 76KB
NGC4361(Planetary Nebula in Corvus), f=1600mm, 97KB
Sh2-290(Planetary Nbeula in Cancer), f=742mm, 769KB
PK164+31.1(Planetary Nebula in Lynx), f=530mm, 449KB
PK221+461(Planetary Nebula in Leo), f=530mm, 696KB
PK238+34.1(Planetary Nebula in Hydra), f=1600mm, 81KB
ESO378-1(Planetary Nebula in Hydra), f=1600mm, 157KB
PK339+88.1 & NGC4725(Planetary Nebula & Galaxy in Coma Berenices), f=530mm, 536KB

Open Clusters
M44(The Praesepe, Cancer), f=255mm, 96KB
M48(Open Cluster in Hydra), f=530mm, 98KB
M67(Open Cluster in Cancer), f=700mm, 370KB Replaced on Dec 4, 2020
Mel.111(Open Cluster in Coma Berenices), f=105mm tele, 108KB

Globular Clusters
M3(Globular Cluster in Canes Venatici), f=1600mm, 57KB
M53(Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 56KB
M68(Globular Cluster in Hydra), f=1600mm, 61KB
Intergalactic Wanderer(NGC2419 in Lynx), f=1600mm, 84KB
NGC4147(Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices), f=1000mm, 64KB
NGC5053(Globular Cluster in Coma Berenices), f=1600mm, 45KB
Omega Cluster(NGC5139 in Centaurus), f=1600mm, 97KB
NGC5466(Globular Cluster in Bootes), f=1278mm, 68KB
NGC5694(Globular Cluster in Hydra), f=1600mm, 31KB