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Summer's Milky Way Milky Way
--Flow of stellar river
43 images displayed, Last updated on Aug 16, 2019

At a view point far away from urban area, we can gaze at the beautiful Milky Way across the celestial hemisphere over our heads. But unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to appreciate those splendid views year by year because of spread of citified area in my country.
The word "Milky Way" is said in Japanese "Amano-gawa" meaning of the celestial river. There is an ancient stellar legend of love story in the region around Eastern Asia, called "Tanabata". A hero in this legend is "Kengyuh", alpha Aquilae (Altair), and a heroine is "Orihime", alpha Lyrae (Vega). They were living in the opposite sides of the Milky Way each other, and they could meet only one time in a year on July 7th by crossing the Amano-gawa. We, Japanese have traditional customs related to this legend, and several local cities in Japan have Tanabata festivals to wish to clear and meet them each other on July 7th, the "Tanabata" day.
I'd like to show you some images of the Milky Way in this album.

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Milky Way Galaxy Patchwork

  High-resoluted mosaic images of the Milky Way created by composing plural photographs.
Now you can see images of summer & winter regions.

Cassiopeia to Puppis, f=24mm (Digital-SLR), 8 images mosaic, 47KB
Sagittarius to Cassiopeia, f=24mm (Digital-SLR), 7 images mosaic, 41KB

Milky Way in Summer

Aquila to Sagittarius, f=24mm wide-angle, 172KB
Cygnus to Aquila, f=55mm (6x7 format), 91KB
Cygnus to Sagittarius, f=16mm fish-eye, 177KB
Milky Way & a shooting star, f=24mm wide-angle, 57KB
Central region in the Galaxy, f=85mm, 94KB
The flowing Milky Way in summer, f=55mm (6x7 format), 80KB
Milky way going down to Mt.Fuji, f=24mm wide-angle, 105KB
Vega, Altair to Sagittarius, f=24mm wide-angle, 136KB
Scutum to Sagittarius, f=50mm standard, 158KB
Milky Way & Rising Dawn Moon, f=16mm fish-eye, 125KB
Milky Way & Mars, f=24mm wide, 148KB
Scorpius & Milky Way sinking to morning mist, f=50mm standard, 91KB
Vega & Altair on Mt. Fuji, f=35mm wide, 136KB
Scorpius & Milky Way in summer, f=17mm wide, 97KB
Summer's Milky Way taken with whole-sky camera, f=16mm fish-eye, 81KB
Summer's Milky Way taken with whole-sky camera 2, f=16mm fish-eye, 87KB
Dark lanes around the Great Triangle in summer, f=35mm wide-angle, 149KB
Jupiter & summer's Milky Way, f=24mm wide-angle, 64KB
Milky Way from southern Sagittarius to Scorpius, f=35mm wide-angle, 148KB
Milky Way from Cygnus to Scorpius, f=16mm fish-eye, 92KB
Milky Way from Ophiuchus to Scorpius, f=17mm wide, 85KB
Sinking summer Milky Way, f=17mm wide, 96KB
Summer's Milky Way taken with whole-sky camera 3, f=4.5mm fish-eye, 153KB
Milky Way above yellow dust, f=4.5mm fish-eye, 105KB
Mars & Milky Way in summer 2018, f=15mm fish-eye, 76KB
Summerly Milky Way 2019 with Jupiter & Saturn, f=15mm fish-eye, 165KB

Milky Way in Autumn

Whole view of Milky Way in Autumn, f=15mm fish-eye, 95KB
Cygnus to Perseus, f=35mm, 159KB
Around Cassiopeia, f=105mm (6x7 format), 211KB
Lacerta to Cepheus, f=35mm, 136KB
Milky Way disappearing into dawn light, f=16mm fish-eye, 99KB
Autumnal Milky Way taken with whole-sky camera, f=4.5mm fish-eye, 155KB

Milky Way in Winter

Auriga to Canis Major, f=17mm wide-angle, 138KB
Gemini to Cassiopeia, f=17mm wide-angle, 138KB
Milky Way in winter lying down in the west sky, f=24mm wide angle, 82KB
Panorama of winter's Milky Way, f=16mm fish-eye, 169KB
Around Winter Triangle, f=55mm (6x7 format), 180KB
Winter's Milky Way & Zodiacal light, f=16mm fish-eye, 120KB
Winter's Milky Way & Counterglow, f=15mm fish-eye, 85+14KB
Winter's Milky Way taken with whole-sky camera, f=4.5mm fish-eye, 89KB

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