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Revised on Sep 18, 2012

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Companies, Organization
Astroarts Inc.
   ..... A Japanese company producing software of Planetarium, topic of astronomical events, etc...
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
   ..... Official Observatory of Japan, topic of research and facilities, images of comets, etc...
Fraser Valley Astronomers Society
   ..... Canadian non-profit organization bringing astronomical education & telescope making to the general public.
SKY & Telescope
   ..... An American astronomy magazine for amateurs, full of topics of astronomical events...
Hawaiian Astronomical Society
   ..... Hawaiian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting astronomy, full of informative pages like the deepsky atlas...
SEDS Messier Database
   ..... Perfect Scientific & Observating information for Messier's celestial objects.
Hubble Heritage Project Gallery
   ..... Newly released impressive deep-sky images by the Hubble Space Telescope.
"Subaru" Telescope Homepage
   ..... Information for 8.2m official telescope of NAOJ newly built at Hawaii.
   ..... A unique project for searching "ET" with our PC, can download a freeware for data analysis.
GrandEye Scientific Company
   ..... Telescope wholesaler in Hong Kong, including astro-image gallery.
25 Amazing Astronomy Resources
   ..... Resource of information on astronomy such as the sub-specialties and history.
Astronomy forum (Captain Cynic Forums)
   ..... A forum site of various astronomy topics.

Personal sites full of variety
--- In Japan
Beautiful space images
   ..... Astrophotographs by Mr. Hirokazu Yamamura.
Digital Astronomy Gallery
   ..... Spectacular deep sky & solar system objects captured with CCD cameras.
The Beautiful Universe
   ..... Many splendid deep sky images taken at private observatory of Mr. Yuuji Kitahara.
Starry photo gallery -from DUSK till DAWN-
   ..... Many starry landscapes took in Japan, Australia and so on.

--- Overseas
Linda Nagata's Home Page
   ..... Personal site of a sci-fi writer in Hawaii, introductions for her novels, etc...
   ..... Photo Gallery of splendid Comet Hale-Bopp & Meteors.
Astronomie heelal reis
   ..... Detailed guides for the solar system to outer space, English & Dutch available.
Astronomy Digest
   ..... Free Monthly Astronomy E-Zine with Current Astronomy News, Product Reviews, and much more.
Al Timke's Home Page
   ..... Practical links for science, computing, news etc.
Astrophotography by Philipp Salzgeber
   ..... Full of impressive astrophotographs, from Austria.
The Edge of Nowhere
   ..... Astrophotography by Mr. Philipp Rau, includes some useful astronomical information.
   ..... Astrophotography by Mr. Piermario Gualdoni from Italy, many nice images with Takahashi telescope.
Nature Photography by Leo
   ..... Many impressive B & W nature and astrophotographs.
Panther Observatory
   ..... Many impressive astro-images and related articles by Mr.Johannes Schedler.
Starmatt Astrophotography
   ..... Gallery of astrophotographs of celestial objects in deep space using medium format cameras.
Clear Skies Astrophotography
   ..... Beautiful celescial images by Mr. P-M Heden in Sweden.
The Boggy Creek Collection of Meteorite Finds
   ..... Detailed articles & photos about meteorites and planetary science research.
Sound Sensations Music
   ..... Purchase any combination of four CD's, Cassettes or DVD's and receive FREE SHIPPING.
Astronomical Photographs by Janne Käld
   ..... Large-scaled gallery of deepsky objects, Aurora, etc. from Finland.
Astronomical Sketches
   ..... A collection of various sketches of nebulae, Clusters, Double Stars, and more.
Night Sky Info
   ..... Weekly news about the night sky and articles on selected astronomical topics.
Astronomy and astrophotography
   ..... Various astrophotographs by Mr. Peter Delincak, from Slovakia.
Toni Heidemann's website
   ..... Astrophotos & review of his private observatory, from France.
Objects in the Heavens
   ..... Introduction for a book of Deep-sky Viewing List & Field notebook.
   ..... Online archive of astronomical press releases.