Deep Sky Object in Winter
NGC1514 (Planetary Nebula in Taurus)

Date & Time: Nov 3 2018, from 25:11 to 26:12 JST(+0900)
Composed 8 shots with 5 minutes exposed
Optical: Meade 25cm(10") Schmidt-Cassegrain with conversion lens (f=1600mm, F6.3)
with BaaderPlanetarium Moon&Skyglow filter
Auto-guided with Meade LX200 Equatorial & Pictor 201XT
Digital Camera: Nikon D810A
Location: Ooizumi, Hokuto city, Yamanashi pref.

Camera Settings: Recording Format...14bit CCD-RAW, converted to 16bit TIFF(4080×4080)
Device Size...20×20mm
Sensitivity...ISO4000, White Balance...Daylight

NGC1514 / Planetary Nebula
R.A.04h 09m 12.0s (2000.0)
Dec.+30°47' 00" (2000.0)
Apparent Size120×90"
Real Size2.50×1.88 light yrs.
Distance4300 light yrs.
A planetary nebula lying near a boundary on Taurus is NGC1514. You will be able to find out the nebula to trace about 8 degrees northeast from the Pleiades. The nebula has a diameter of about 2 arc minutes, high-powered view of telescopes shows you a bright central star and very dimmed nebulosity spread out on the outskirts. The dimmed gaseous matter exposes in bluish color, the matter is emitting light from ionized oxygen atoms.
The central star still looks bright; it's considered that the planetary nebula just starts to release gas, fairly newly nebula formed from a dead star. The gaseous region will spread out increasingly within several ten thousand years, and evolve into a splendid planetary nebula like the Ring Nebula (M57) or Dumb-bell Nebula (M27).

Melope Nebula


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